The team

Yanaï Arfi, C.E.O. and Founder

Yanaï Arfi

Graduate of the “Higher institute of Communication and Advertising ” in 1982, with an advertising master’s in publishing communications, Yanaï Arfi created in 1981 its first magazine: ” Communicate! ” and at the same time  became the youngest press mogul in France.

This successful experience led him to create a second support of press: “BiZness magazine” then to publish one of the first monthly magazines specialized in the media and the advertising communication, while developing at the same time services for the Minitel “classified ads” and “marital meetings “.

As a pioneer in the multimedia industry with the first “Minitel” 3615 MARIEL (1985), Yanaï Arfi built himself a strong reputation of creative and original “Serial Entrepreneur”.

At the end of 1984 he created BAZAK communication; a company specialized in the Minitel and IVR services (Audiotel, Audiotex). This company developed quickly in France and in Europe as well as in Israel, followed by Asia and South America (in a total of 27 countries) by the creation of diverse products of multimedia communication both on Internet and in telecoms.

Inventor and developer of Pay Per Call (payment solution for Internet services), Yanai Arfi launched in 1998, four television channels broadcasted in 72 countries, including the first free satellite channel, VenusTV, supporting its own unique multimedia products (distributed in 43 million households). He also became the leader in the IVR business by generating traffic records never seen before in the profession! In 2004, Yanaï Arfi, decided to conquer the American market, by strengthening its presence at the time of the ascent of the mobile with the SMS.

He is the founder of Box TELECOM Inc., an American company specialized in the market of the contents and the mobile phone applications.